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Camel experience

We would love you to follow us on our Camel Journey.

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Our Story

This is the story of two friends who found themselves on an unexpected journey accompanied by three dromedary camels, Ginger, Honey and Matilda.

When two very different worlds collide, amazing things can happen!

Kirsty grew up on Kangaroo Island where she learnt an appreciation of wildlife. Specializing her knowledge and skills as an animal trainer in a 23-year career working as a zookeeper in zoos around Australia.  Throughout this time, she formed a great affinity for large animals providing the loving care and affection every animal deserves.

Lisa on the other hand grew up in Sydney. She has raised a family and understands the importance of sharing treasured memories with loved ones and treating everyday as precious as the next.  Lisa's focused her 21-year career managing events both large and small at various locations and venues throughout Perth.

Our individual focus all started to change when we went on a camel ride and fell in love with these incredible animals, and this is where our adventure began.

We came up with a crazy idea to start a business together by blending our individual skills to come up with a unique opportunity for animal lovers to experience wildlife and the outdoors in a whole new way.

We welcome you to join us.....

Meet The Team

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